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He fixed his gaze on her and said, „Are you scamming me?““No“ Karen said. „I’ve been waiting for you.“When Bobby and Lloyd decide to rob local restaurant owner Lou Starr’s home in the night, they don’t reckon on being propositioned about an even bigger scam by Lou’s so-called girlfriend Karen. But after yet another bad decision in her life Karen has been looking for a way out and, more specifically, a way to recover her life savings, stolen from her by the treacherous Samir. And so a plan is set in motion that sounds all too simple. Following his much loved debut novel, Quiver, Peter Leonard returns to the mean streets of Detroit with a high octane novel of money, guns and some serious double crossing. Featuring a virtuoso cast of bad guys, a disgraced ex-cop who finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for, and an anti-heroine to die for, Trust Me is the superb sophomore novel from one of the emergent voices in crime writing today.

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