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Learning Flash CS4 Professional offers beginners and intermediate Flash developers a unique introduction to the latest version of Adobe’s powerful multimedia application. This easy-to-read book is loaded with full-color examples and hands-on tasks to help you master Flash CS4’s new motion editor, integrated 3D system, and character control with the new inverse kinematics animation system. No previous Flash experience is necessary. This book will help you:

  • Understand Flash fundamentals with clear, concise information you can use right away
  • Learn key concepts and techniques in every chapter, with annotated screenshots and illustrations
  • Develop an ongoing project that utilizes material from every chapter
  • Practice new skills and test your understanding with constructive exercises
  • Learn how to package your work for distribution on the Web and through AIR desktop applications
  • Download sample files and discuss additional Flash features on the companion blog

As part of the Adobe Developer Library, this is the most authoritative guide to Flash CS4 available. Get moving with Flash today!

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