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You’re pregnant. It’s exciting, and a little scary, and you are discovering that your body is doing things that you have never heard about or read about in any pregnancy manual. It would be great if your best girlfriend was going through this with you, but if not, Stacy Quarty is here to give you the truth about pregnancy – raging hormones and all.Stacy takes readers, week-by-week, through what she was experiencing and thinking about her pregnancy, her body, her husband, and more. She discusses the symptoms of the week (morning sickness, hemorrhoids, enormous breasts); experiences of girlfriends; and anecdotes on everything from cravings to c-sections. An extensive Q&A section includes questions from real women that are embarrassing, odd, and unusual and may include just the question you’ve been too nervous to ask yourself. Throughout the book Dr. Miriam Greene provides a dose of a medical perspective on the adventure of pregnancy.With warmth, humor, and no shame, Frankly Pregnant takes the myth and mystery out of pregnancy and really tells it like it is.

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